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Dyson launches its first electric car in 2021

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Dyson, who we know with his vacuum cleaners, announced that he will enter the automobile sector in the last years. The steps of the brand in this direction have become concrete and when to explain the first model will be put on the road.

From cleaner to car: Dyson rivals Tesla!

The British company, which made the first statement in 2017, that they could produce electric cars, seems to have made significant progress in a 2-year period. The brand's resulting SUV patent visuals prove it. The model, which has a long axis range, makes this possible thanks to the wheels carried to the ends. In addition, the rear section is kept high and a 7-seat version is prepared.

We know that Dyson's first model on the road in 2021 is not an SUV. Hence the brand may be working on different segments at the same time. Dyson's founder Sir James Dyson confirms this in his email to his employees. The model, including the body, electric motor, battery unit and software, said that the models would be their own design and production.

The company that makes it to the UK's Hullavington Airspace is about to complete its construction work here. Currently, more than 500 people work in the region where the design-engineering unit of the hangar, as well as the runway has also recruited the test path. The production plant in Singapore will start operating next year and employ more than 4,500 employees. Finally, Dyson's $3.25 billion budget is allocated and this amount is the most serious electric car investment after Tesla.