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Toyota opens hybrid patents to other brands

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hybrid engines from experienced brand for Toyota, the experience is preparing to transfer their competitors. The Japanese manufacturer offers patents for this technology to be used by other brands.

Toyota receives hybrid support for hybrid production

With more than 24,000 patents related to hybrid technology, Toyota has opened these patents for free for 10 years. The Japanese manufacturer aims to be in cooperation with brands that invest in electricity-assisted technologies, especially in PHEV. The brand will also be able to offer paid services to companies wishing to pay for battery, electronic control units and other parts.

Toyota in the next 10 years, claiming that the electric cars, Toyota, hybrid technology for the transition stage of this, he says. Shigeki TERASHIN deputy general manager of "questions we receive from companies who want to expand their electrical technology, we indicate that we are open to cooperation in the light." He said.

Toyota has partnered with Suzuki and Mazda to date on electric motor technology. In addition, Volkswagen also electric vehicle platform (MEB) has the idea of offering the use of other brands. Will the efforts of manufacturers to disseminate alternative energies with these steps will be successful?