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Renault is developing a completely new electric model

Friday, April 5, 2019

Renault, one of the first brands to use electric technology among the leading car brands, remained silent after the Zoe and Twizy models. French brand electric vehicles will disrupt the long-lasting silence with a brand new model!

Renault: We will produce a new C-class electric model

Eric Feunteun, the head of Renault's electric vehicle program, gave an interview to AutoExpress magazine. Feunteun talked about the brand's new vision for electric cars and shared important information. Zoe model over the forecast that they have achieved success, "a class that will work in the class C is working on a new electric model." He said.

Eric Feunte, who avoided detailing the project, said the new model would rise on a modular platform developed for electric cars. The platform to be used jointly by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance will offer a wide internal volume according to its class, such as its electric rivals. It can also wait for users at an important range of like 400 kilometers.

It will be difficult to see Renault's new electric model in the short term. Because, according to the French manufacturer, the cost of batteries is still too high and the costs should be reduced for the use of the high capacity battery pack. Under these circumstances, the vehicle is not expected to emerge before 2022.

Renault, the B and C class in the electric car group is definitely rejecting. Today's battery prices and a D-class vehicle luxury manufacturers can be offered at prices Feunteun, this does not match the brand DNA says. Let's see what the French brand's fully electric fourth model will wait for us.