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Electric minivan Faraday Future V9 appeared

Monday, April 8, 2019

Electric car brand Faraday Future shared an image of the minivan model V9 developed for the Chinese market. Faraday Future V9 can provide financial relief for the brand.

Faraday Future V9, the Chinese brand's prescription for liberation?

FF CEO Jia Yueting's V9 was displayed on Twitter's share and was born as a result of the partnership of the California-based Chinese company, The9 Limited. Established joint venture covers the production, sales and marketing of this model developed specifically for China.

FF V9, an electric minivan, will refer to mobility and artificial intelligence. In addition, the model will use the same platform as FF91 and therefore will have a large internal volume. If Faraday Future meets its annual production target of 300,000 units, it will put an investment of $600 million in its coffers.

The V9 project is important for the economic relief of Faraday Future. As it will be remembered, the brand FF91, which the brand announced in 2017, has not been able to make a series production. The investment of the model is planned to start in the year with the future investment. Faraday Future FF91 with a range of 608 kilometers; He managed to attract attention with his 1,050 hp engine and advanced driving support systems.