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Volvo will limit the maximum speed of all models

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Known for its commitment to passenger safety, Volvo has taken a radical decision as part of its 2020 goal. Swedish brand is adding electronic speed limiter to all new models!

Volvo is cutting gas kes: Zero fatal accident at target 2020!

According to NHTSA data, one in every 4 traffic accidents in America is caused by extreme speed. Starting from this date, Volvo will add electronic speed limiters to all models it will produce from March. The brand, which will limit the maximum speed to 180 km/h, will be a little closer to the goal of the, zero death accident “in the Vision 2020 concept.

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson stated the importance it attaches to the security of the brand, "We see value in making this application could even save a life." He said. Jan Ivarsson, the security expert of the brand, said.The human brain is forced to accelerate over certain conditions. Technology evolves vehicles we produce stronger, but the rate of people after a certain point we have to help them understand that it is dangerous. " He said.

The Swedish brand is also working for more complex solutions. Studies on speed limitation on geographic basis for places with high human density, such as schools and hospitals, continue. The company will exhibit innovative solutions like this at the security event to be held on March 20th.

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