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Toyota preparing to send vehicles into space

Friday, March 15, 2019

Toyota and Japan Space Research Agency are preparing to cooperate for international space research. According to a statement, the team will send vehicles to space.

Spacecraft will be collected from the surface in 2029. These examples are aimed at getting more information from scientists. The vehicle will be able to reach more than 10 thousand kilometers in a month with limited energy resources. The discovery tool that will provide more freedom and convenience to the astronauts will also accelerate the exploration of space. International space research will be carried out in space and on Mars to expand human activities and create a sustainable environment.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda, who expressed his views in the statement, said that it is important to respond to environmental problems on a global scale, from our own planet. Together with this project we will demonstrate Toyota's driving performance and durability. We will further develop our fuel cell technologies for space.

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