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The world's first smart highway is preparing for service

Saturday, March 23, 2019

The details of the highway that will connect China's Hangzhou and Ningbo cities will be the world's first smart highway.

The world is becoming increasingly shaped by virtual reality, smart products and artificial intelligence. People's movements and lifestyles change with the influence of this structure. China is the country that is adapting to these developments as quickly as possible. The new highway made in China shows us that the future will be with artificial intelligence. Smart products entering every point in our lives will now affect the movement of cars and even their movements in us. The smart highway in China will cause this interaction.


This highway, which will be the world's first smart highway, will have a length of 161 km. In 2022, the construction of the highway will be completed, autonomous autonomous self-driving cars will be established. In this way, vehicles to avoid accidents, less fuel will be consumed. There will also be measures to ensure that non-autonomous cars will not be involved in the road, and the world's first smart and accident prevention system will be built.