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Tesla Model Y announced with long range battery

Friday, March 15, 2019

Tesla announced the launch of the new SUV model called Model Y in a special launch event in Los Angeles. Tesla Model Y will upset its internal combustion competitors with long range and performance!

Fast, safe and long range: Here is Tesla Model Y!

Tesla Model Y, which continues the existing design philosophy of the brand, reminds me of the model model of Sedan with its front part. Elon Musk , the chairman of the brand, likewise describes the tool as a hormone version of Model 3. It is possible to see plenty of traces on the side and back of Model X.

The electric SUV continues the minimal approach of Tesla Model 3 in the interior. The car, which uses the same cockpit as its brother, also offers a panoramic glass roof and a 15-inch touchscreen as standard. 7 seats can be purchased as an option.

Model Y's body is under the 3 engine/battery option is available. The starting version, which can now be ordered, includes a rear-wheel drive and a long range option. In this option, 482 kilometers maximum range, 209 km/h maximum speed and 5.5 seconds 0-96 km acceleration data is remarkable. In the dual-motor/AWD version, the range can be reduced to 450 kilometers, while the performance version can only accelerate from 0 to 96 kilometers in just 3.5 seconds.

The deliveries of the Tesla Model Y, starting at $ 47,000, will begin in the autumn of 2020. The standard version, which has a range of 370 kilometers, can be ordered from next year with a price of $ 39,000 . For the start of this model, the end of 2021 is being signaled.

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