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Tesla has made a decision to upset her fans

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tesla, a US-based electric car manufacturer, has taken a decision to upset its post-revision lovers, as planned.

After a significant number of stores have been decided to open, Tesla had to raise its vehicle prices by 3.0 percent globally. The company decided to retreat from this idea and keep its stores semi-open.

In the brand statement, Model 3, which is the cheapest tool, will continue to be sold for 35 thousand dollars, but other models of Model 3, Model S and Model X prices will be increased.

Cheap version was on sale

Elon Musk promised a 'cheap ' Tesla with a $ 35,000 price tag. The new version is a simplified version of the Model 3 version and has a single engine. The company also announced that it would close all retail outlets and all the models would only be sold online.

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