Mitsubishi introduces the new generation of crossover Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer vehicles at the 89th Geneva International Auto Show.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) introduces the new generation of crossover vehicles to the world at the 89th Geneva International Auto Show on March 5th-17th. It has traction technologies.

MMC also introduced the new energy ecosystem  DENDO DRIVE HOUSE (DDH), which allows users to generate and store common electricity between their homes and cars, thereby increasing the value of electric vehicles. DDH, offered to customers who purchase Home/PHEV from MMC dealers, is now available as a home system based on V2H (Vehicle to Home) and in 2019 in Japan.

Other new models in the Mitsubishi booth L200 and ASX attracted great interest from visitors.

ASX, the third best-selling vehicle of the brand in the global arena, was released at the 89th Geneva Motor Show. With a lightweight and compact body, the ASX can offer the driver a perfect handling, a pleasant and easy drive, a 5-speed manual transmission to European markets or the 2.0L MIVEC *216 valve engine in combination with the 6-speed Sport Mode INVECS *1-III CVT gearbox, two and four-wheel drive versions will enter the European market.

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