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Lexus announced his new documentary; Takumi Masters

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Unveiled the secrets of al Takumi Masters olan, one of the creators of extraordinary luxury features, in a documentary.

Premium car manufacturer Lexus, who is responsible for the entire production phase of the model and special talents of everyone to admire the Takumi Masters, automotive production is called the art of converting people. Generally, 10 thousand hours of work is enough to get the title of a job, while the Takumi Masters of Lexus reach this level with 60 thousand hours of experience. This corresponds to 30 years with 8 hours to 250 days of work.

Lexus has prepared a documentary specifically for Takumi
Chef's Table director Clay Jeter, who has created visually striking portraits, has created an extraordinary work.

Same timeTakumi Masters' 60-hour version of the show
it will include. Although computer systems design and design
Although Lexus is the basis, handcrafted in Lexus, to ensure the highest quality
The most important element in the name continues to be. Lexus, it's superior.
master craftsmen with very high quality üstün Takumi
To the Masters.

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