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Honda is fully electric on the European market!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Honda was shocked by the announcement that it will stop production in European mills in recent weeks. The Japanese automotive giant has not announced that it will soon become fully electric in the European market.

Honda breaks the route into electric vehicles in the European market!

Two years ago, Honda announced on 2025 that two-thirds of European sales would consist of electric vehicles. The announcement of the brand at the Geneva Motor Show reveals that this goal has changed completely.

Tom Gardner, Vice President of Europe, announced that they will be present in the market with only electric models since 2025 with the new decision. Stating that the interest in electric cars has increased in the time that elapsed, Gardner said, ere People started to change the way they look at cars. This is an important step for Honda, with clean energy because we aim to create additional value for our customers. " He said.

The Japanese brand is also working to commercialize the Power Manager concept announced at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The HPM, which provides bi-directional energy transfer, enables the car to be transferred back to the grid as well as the conventional charging. In addition, works are underway to ensure that the e-Prototype concept exhibited in Geneva can be mass-produced at the end of the year.

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