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Flying cars are now in our lives: Here is the PAL-V

Friday, March 8, 2019

Flying car concepts from the future appear in certain periods and disappear soon. PAL-V, which wants to be the first manufacturer in this area to be mass-produced, is very close to this goal!

PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition will be the first flying car!

The Dutch company, which showed its first flying model at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, came with a special edition this year. The PAL-V 3-wheel vehicle can drive up to 160 km/h when used on land. When the vehicle is converted to gyrocopter format, it can reach a maximum speed of 180 km in the air. According to the company, the folding propeller system is ready for use in about 5 minutes with a single key press. You also need a route of 330 meters for takeoff, and 30 meters long for landing.

When we get to the technical specifications of PAL-V, we encounter high engineering. The outer body, which is made of high-strength aluminum composite material used in aviation, is decorated with handcrafted carbon parts. In the interior, which is a mixture of cars and airplanes, we see plenty of leather upholstery. The vehicle with a double engine carries a 100-horsepower engine for the land version. The 200 hp engine produces a range of approximately 500 kilometers in single-seat mode.

The special version of the company, called Liberty Pioneer Edition, will be produced exclusively for the first order of 90 people. In this version, EFIS (navigation control system), double control and electric heating are standard.

The Dutch company, PAL-V, says that all permits for the production of the vehicle have been completed and that the first delivery will take place at the end of the year. $7,000 worth of flight training and license, including those who want to have a vehicle out of his pocket wage is set at $600,000.

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