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Does Europe support the US in the autonomous vehicle?

Monday, March 11, 2019

The US, which was in the first three last year, dropped to fourth place this year. Norway, which entered the autonomous car rankings, moved directly to third place. Top 10 countries have 6 European countries

The 25 Autonomous Vehicle Preparation Index plan (AVRI), prepared by international consultancy, auditing and tax firm KPMG, shows how well 25 countries with well-known brands in the global economy are ready for the autonomous vehicle world.

In the study, the Netherlands ranked first in the countries where the leading countries in their fields were evaluated according to policy/legislation, infrastructure, technology/innovation and consumer acceptance factors. Singapore, which is in second place in last year's first research, has retained its seat, and this year Norway, which is one of the 5 countries recently included in the survey, has become third in the United States. A remarkable detail on the list was the presence of six countries from Europe in the top 10.

The highlights of the research are as follows:

The Netherlands, which is the first in the index for two years in a row, is in cooperation with its neighboring countries for driverless vehicle adaptation. It plans to launch a group of more than 100 autonomous trucks for the main routes from Amsterdam to Antwerp, from Rotterdam to the Ruhr Valley.

Singapore, which is in the second place, in the test town built with the cooperation of a leading university, conducts test drives of driverless vehicles by creating highly humid, tropical weather conditions with traffic lights, bus stops, skyscrapers and artificial rain machine.

Norway, which legalizes the testing of driverless vehicles on public roads, also operates small-scale driverless bus services. An autonomous taxi pilot app in the country is also scheduled for 2019.

The United States, which ranks third in the list last year, is currently hosting the world's leading driverless vehicle companies and conducting a large number of test drives, but has dropped to fourth place this year, as it does not have a strong national approach to autonomous vehicles.

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