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BMW X Series remarkable features

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Superior Performance and Stylish Posture in any Condition: BMW X Series With the BMW X Series, you can enjoy super performance on the streets of the city or in the challenging conditions of nature;with the rich model diversity that sets the standards in the segment , you can reach more than what you expect from an off-roadvehicle. Characteristic X1, X3 and X5, which contain all the components of the BMW X Series; X2, X4 and X6, sporting design and performance; and the new member X7, which represents the family's luxury class, as well as the hybrid or performance-oriented special versions of the existing models, make the series more comprehensive and pioneering.

Experience the Distinction of Intelligent Four-Wheel Technology with xDrive

Among the details that make the X Series unique, there are many criteria that can be considered classic, from material quality to workmanship, from high performance to design. However, beyond all these superior qualities; Innovative details such as semi-autonomous driving technology and intelligent four-wheel drive that shape the future take the X Series one step further. Special alternatives, such as the BMW X3 M40i, offer 360 horsepower, combining high-performance off-road vehicles for racing enthusiasts. The BMW X5 xDrive40e, one of the hybrid land vehicles, combines the intelligent all-wheel drive with rechargeable fuel technology.

Notice the Quality of the BMW X Series in Every Detail 

The exclusive quality and durability of the exterior design of the BMW X Series is also compatible with the interior design. Sporty seats, ambient lighting, sleek embossments, cockpit-facing cockpit, high-quality cockpit material and adjustable rear seats make up only a few of the quality and refinement of the interior of the BMW X Series. As for the M Performance versions of the X Series, the sporty details and lines in the interior design draw attention.

High Performance Low Fuel Consumption 

Supportive features such as Efficient Dynamics and TwinPower Turbo in the BMW X Series offer lower fuel consumption and emission levels than high performance. Thus, the X Series, which adopts the environmentally friendly consumption approach among the most important trends of the recent years, has lower fuel consumption and emission values ​​than a field vehicle regardless of diesel or gasoline. In addition to all these, the X1 model is clearly the leading model in its segment; The innovative design elements of the X2 model, which is the best representative of the SAC class, and the unique design of the X3 model with a 1.6-liter advantageous engine option, make the X Series attractive and unique