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Volkswagen surprised with the decision; A new brand

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

German carmaker Volkswagen concluded the allegations that have been spoken for a while. Accordingly, a brand name on behalf of one of the brand is making!

Volkswagen, the new Jetta in the European market was not offered for sale began to redesign the model. Now that Skoda's budget brand project for India has been heard, Volkswagen has now embarked on a similar project.

Jetta has become a separate brand in partnership with FAW, one of China's Volkswagen largest manufacturers!

In the first stage of this organization, which will be launched in China, the current Jetta, as well as SEAT Tarraco  and Ateca  models are expected to take place. However, there will be some changes in these three models, especially in accordance with the requests of the young people. This is due to Tarraco and Ateca's low budget for the brand.

With this move, the German group aims to reach the entire demographic audience in China. If the project is successful, it will not be a surprise to open it out of China. Finally, the official announcement of the Jetta brand will be held at the Shanghai Auto Show in  April.

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