Porsche, the German sports car brand, shares the key milestones in its history with the Top 5 series on the YouTube channel. The new video of the brand is shared with the most rare and special 5 model lovers under the roof of the manufacturer.

Sales record was broken

Porsche left behind a successful year in sales worldwide. In 2018, the brand reached the highest sales figure of all time and delivered 256 thousand 255 cars worldwide. This figure means a growth of 4 percent compared to the previous year. In terms of models, Panamera became the model that achieved the biggest growth share by reaching 38 thousand 443 units with an increase of 38 percent. The Porsche 911 also recorded a two-digit increase of 10 percent, reaching 35 thousand 573 units. Cayenne sold 71 thousand 458 units, and Macan became the most successful models with a sales figure of 86 thousand 31 units.

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