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Tesla surprised with the latest technology; Dog Mode

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Tesla, a US-based electric car manufacturer, has developed a technology to protect domestic animals left alone in vehicles.

This feature is designed to prevent vehicle owners from damaging their pets while waiting for their owners. The system controls the temperature and air flow inside the car and prevents the damage of living things. In a statement on the subject from the company, it was said that within the scope of em Dog Mode ın, a screen that was projected out would be placed in order to dışarı not to worry about the people passing by the vehicle. Tesla vehicle owners will also receive notification if the temperature within the vehicle falls below 20 degrees.

Dog Mode was seen as one of the innovations Tesla made in order to increase the security of its customers, while the company had previously announced a feature called araç Sentry Mode through screens placed in the vehicle to warn the driver in case of a threat while the vehicles were parked. If a threat is detected, a notification is sent to the owner's mobile phone.

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