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SEAT Minimo

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Seat introduced Minimo, the new concept car at the Mobile World Congress, which reveals the company's vision for city transportation.
Seat introduces Minimo, the 100 percent electric concept tool designed to facilitate urban use, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Için The SEAT Minimo was designed specifically for platforms to shape the future city driving. The model that will provide the solution that the car sharing companies are looking for will be the key to increasing the profits of such companies. Minimo will meet all the needs of both cities and vehicle sharing companies.

100 percent electric

Minimo offers the safety, comfort and agility of a car and easy parking. The 100% electric concept car, which offers two-seat seating, has been developed with an integrated battery exchange system. This allows the car to be recharged in just a few minutes and travels more than 100 kilometers. Minimo does not have to be charged at charging points.

The 2.5-meter-wide, 1.2-meter-wide and 3.2-square-meter car occupies an ecological footprint in the city, compared to a normal 7.2-square-meter car.

Connect directly to your car with your phone

Minimo is also a 5G technology that provides an easy digital user experience with the 'Digital Access' key that connects the user's smartphone to the car without the need of any cables or sockets, and the wireless Android Auto. In addition to its other features, the driver can determine whether the driver is 16 or 18 years old and the speed is 45 or 90 kilometers. With the Google Now app on Android Auto, users can stay connected to the car with voice commands, easily respond and control the media.

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