According to the SupraMKV board site, Toyota Germany has sent these two photos to the people registered in the waiting list for the new Supra and these two photos have been confirmed by others on the list. But these two photos are highly unlikely to be fake.

However , a 30 second video was officially released by Toyota and the sound of the new Toyota Supra was released . The new Toyota Supra was developed jointly with BMW. The model with the same platform as the BMW Z4, the legendary 2JZ engine will come with the 382 HP power-generating, 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine in the BMW Z4 M40i. However, Toyota is likely to limit this engine to 340 HP. Following the introduction of the new Toyota Supra, it is expected to introduce a more powerful runway model.

After the 3.0-liter version, the new Toyota Supra will be equipped with the 197 HP in the 20i version of the BMW Z4 and the 258 HP in the 30i version.
The cheapest Supra will be sold in America with a price tag of $ 50 thousand, but there are a few monthly waiting lists for the order.

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