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Tesla will produce cheap Model 3 and Model Y in China

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Tesla realized the ground-breaking ceremony of Gigafactory 3 , an important step towards new markets . The brand will be an important trump card in the Far East market will produce the first model is clear!

Tesla will produce Model Y at its new factory in China!

The opening ceremony of the facility to be established in Shanghai , Elon Musk , the event's CEO, who participated in each statement attended the event. At the ceremony, Musk made a very important claim that the project would be the geçen construction of the automobile plant that went through the fastest mass production Mus. The first phase of Gigafactory 3 will be completed in the second half of this year . At the end of the year, the first tool to go down from the tapes will be the Model 3 of the economic model of the brand.

In the first process, the factory will produce 3,000 models per week. The new crossover model Y will be produced next year . Thus the current capacity at the Freemont plant will be caught. As a result of the agreement with the Chinese government, the factory's maximum production capacity is 500,000 vehicles.

Elon Musk, who spoke at the ceremony, said that China has played a leading role in the use of electric vehicles and this is a critical market. The brand, which adopts an aggressive growth strategy, is said to have the desire to produce an economic Model 3 specific to China in this factory.

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