Shenzhen China City With 99% Electric Taxis

In the city of Shenzhen in southern China, as of the New Year's Eve, 99 percent of the taxis are electric vehicles.

In the city of Shenzhen in southern China, as of 2019, almost all taxis working in the city were said to be electric vehicles.

Shenzhen Municipality Transport Committee, as of 2019 21 thousand 689 commercial cabins operating in the city has announced that the ratio of electric passenger cars has reached 99 percent .

The city, which has a population of 12.5 million, is one of the most important technology and trade centers of the country. It was the second Chinese metropolis that reached this goal after Taiyuan city with 4.3 million inhabitants in the north.

Electric taxis, more than 20 thousand, were expected to reduce carbon emissions by 850 thousand tons per year.

As one of the 13 pilot cities in China, where electric vehicles have been promoted in public transportation in order to prevent air pollution in China and under alternative energy studies, Shenzhen has rendered all buses operating on urban lines from 2017 on.

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