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New Opel Zafira Life introduced

Friday, January 11, 2019

Opel continues to renew its product range. The German manufacturer today unveiled a new model called Opel Zafira Life. The car, whose name is no stranger to our ears, is likely to continue in life as a compact MPV rather than a light commercial vehicle. Because we see that the size of the new Opel Zafira Life is almost as great as Vivaro.

The new generation of Opel Zafira Life, which has gained its form since the fourth generation, offers three different length options. The smallest 4.60-foot version is called Small, 4.95 meters long, and the longest version is 5.330 meters. All these versions have an axle distance of 3,28 meters and a 9-seat cab option.

Can carry more than 1 tonne load 

Opel, the shortest version is now 100 mm shorter than Zafira, Large version is 650 mm longer, he said. Designed as a multi-purpose vehicle, all seats in the longest version of Zafira Life   can be increased to 4.500 liters . The German manufacturer, which has a large boot lid and low loading threshold,  says that all versions  have a load carrying capacity of more than 1 tonne .

At Opel Zafira Life, the leather seats in the cabin  can be moved easily on aluminum rails. This enables different seating options.

Heating and massage features are  added to these seats in the upper packages. The special table in the cabin and the  230V power output  increase the comfort in the living space. The Zafira Life console   features a 7-inch infotainment display with Apple Car Play and Android Auto support.

Electric version is coming in 2021 

The new Opel Zafira Life's driver assistants  are  supported by radar and cameras. The vehicle that can detect pedestrians can  activate the autonomous emergency brake up to 30 km / h in a potential collision. Other technologies include  lane tracking assistant ,  intelligent speed control , color head up display and  adaptive headlight system.

The world premiere of Opel Zafira Life is scheduled to take place at the Brussels Motor Show on January 18th  . 4 × 4 version will be available in  the first stage of the  vehicle  will be available in 2021 electric version  will be added. All details about the new Opel Zafira Life will be revealed in the following days.

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