Volkswagen , after the famous Dieselgate scandal, the financial austerity policy was decided to go. Apparently, the German band is not very pleased with the low profitability of the luxury brand Bentley !

Volkswagen: Bentley should make a financial contribution to the group!

This claim came up in an interview with Wolfgang Porsche and Hans Michel Piech, one of the VAG's top figures, for a magazine. Porsche emphasized that every brand should provide a reasonable amount of money to the group, while Bentley said it was far from providing it. Piech said the British brand can find two years to make a profit and they are not happy with the situation. However, two years later, two names were not clear about what would happen if they still did not achieve the desired profitability.

The fact that Bentley makes as much profit as other brands is not a rational approach. However, the brand's loss of 137 million euros in the first 9 months of last year , the Volkswagen group seems to be worried. Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark said the Brexit and Continental GT's low sales affect the brand, but in 2019 they will surely reverse the situation.

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