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Aston Martin Vantage has 4 different colors

Monday, January 7, 2019
Aston Martin Vantage has 4 different colors

Vantage, one of the strongest representatives of the brand, brings the pleasure of driving with its sharp lines, muscular appearance, excellent handling and a 4 liter V8 engine.

Vantage series, which became an icon model in the sports car segment of British giant Aston Martin, has gained new colors. Vantage, which was sold with the assurance of D & D Motor Vehicles, took its place in the showroom with its 'white', 'silver', 'red', 'lime green' and 'gray gray' colors.

Introduced by Aston Martin for the first time in 1951 as a high performance motor version of the DB2, Vantage manages to attract more attention with its dynamic and clear sports car cockpit, comfortable driving dynamics and aggressive appearance. The high interior theme and the lower driver's seat, positioned lower, offer an in-depth driving experience. The rotary and push buttons and control systems enable the user to use tactile and easy operation. Similarly, the PRND gear buttons, which are changed into triangular form, are replaced by the main control buttons with clear limits. The interior, which is generous in terms of storage space, has a convenient space behind the seats and large, two-storey storage compartments.

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