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2020 Land Rover Defender landed on land with camouflage

Wednesday, January 2, 2019
Land Rover's iconic model, Defender, will be announced next year with a completely renewed face . Land Rover Defender landed on land with camouflage , will come with a significant surprise for the brand.

Land Rover Defender returns to America after 21 years!

It would not be wrong to define the official test images published Land Rover Defender as the British brand's signature model. A 35-year history of the model in England, some of the official images were published. We can say that the new Defender, which doesn't give much detail in its camouflaged form, has preserved its angular design , but it has evolved into modern lines . In addition, the test images in the details of the United States in the details of the model will return to the market after many years heralds.

Land Rover said in a statement that the model will be sold in the North American market after a 21-year break . Land Rover Defender, which will be tested in many parts of America next month,  will be tested at temperatures between -40 and 49 degrees . The maximum altitude of about 4,000 meters can also be seen in extreme conditions.

The new Defender will be announced in the second half of next year and will stand out with its technological innovations. The model is reported to be a ile revolutionary destek tool for the brand with its advanced driver support systems and connectivity options .

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