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Maybach Concept Extraordinary

Wednesday, December 19, 2018
The Maybach concept, brought to life by a South Korean designer, makes a difference to the new role of the brand in future planning.

We do not know that Maybach, one of the most important parts of  history together with AMG, is one of the limits that set the limits in the automobile world. Important developments about the future of this important name, which came under the name of Mercedes in a different formation, are waiting for us.

The Maybach front is the center of its projects. The brand, which we think will become more of a center of attention after the latest developments, is followed by an exciting design work after a short period of time. The project, which was realized by the South Korean designer Dahye Jeong, was inspired by the opera house.

It is clearly understood that the project, called Maybach Opera, is autonomous driving oriented. In the model that starts from the front section and forms on the oval lines towards the back, it turns out to be a different structure than the traditional lighting character. The design of the ceiling in the slim form integrated in the body gives the overall structure a very impressive appearance.

When we bring to mind the latest concept projects that Mercedes has brought to life about the future of the Maybach series, there is no reason why the Opera design should not be noted aside. You can also give us your comments about the study as a comment.

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