Celebrating its 60th anniversary last year, Fiat 500 is preparing to take part in MoMA's York The Value of Good Design ı exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Fiat 500, which meets roads in 1957, is counting the days to be seen in the, The Value of Good Design, exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art, one of the most prestigious contemporary art museums in New York - MoMA, with its legendary F model. Last year, the Fiat 500F will be exhibited at The Value of Good Design exhibition at MoMA between 10 February - 27 May 2019. The show at MoMA will feature 500F, the most popular of the 500 series produced from more than 4 million units from 1957 to 1975.

500, 61 years ago, with its minimalist approach, 500, 61 years ago, with its minimalist approach, the family of big body carriages made a difference to the automotive world with its innovative and sympathetic features.

Also known as land Cinquecento motorlu, the 500 was designed by Dante Giacosa, an engineer and designer, who joined the Fiat family in 1927 as a rear-engine, economical, compact city car. Despite its small external dimensions, the model has attracted great attention with its interior volume of 4 people. This rating continued in 2007 with the new generation Fiat 500, which has won over 2 million car drivers. Just like the legendary 500 cult models, the current 500 have won many prestigious awards such as the Car of the Year and the Compasso d'oro.

In The Value of Good Design “

The Value of Good Design exhibition accessories from household furniture, ceramics, glass, electronics and athletes materials, with a wide selection of made up the toys and graphics, can be reached "Good Design" aims to pave once again revealed. The exhibition at the 500F model is a good example of "Good Design" movement, in the years following World War 2, to be seen as an indication that the adoption of social and economic restructuring as well as technological developments. The exhibition will also reveal questions and determinations about what is today's arı Good Design Sergi.

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