Ferrari 780 HP Roadster SP3JC

Ferrari handed over a personalized model to its owner.

The Italian sports car giant, Ferrari, launched the roadster model SP3JC, which is custom-tailored to meet the demands of its customers. Inspired by Ferrari's legendary V12-powered Spider models produced in the 1950s and 1960s, the SP3JC was reinterpreted at the end of a two-year study at the Ferrari Style Center and was presented to the Ferrari collector and customer. The Ferrari SP3JC, which maintains the V12 legacy of the brand with its 780 HP power-generating engine, draws attention with its design details, special lines and unique color.

Developed on the F12tdf chassis, the Ferrari SP3JC impresses with its dynamic and highly demanding design lines. The air outlets on the front of the SP3JC are complemented by a front grille and sharp design headlamps, while the horizontal cuts on the rear of the vehicle look muscular. The sporty structure of the Ferrari SP3JC stands out with distinctive details such as split glass, which features a 780 HP V12 engine, rear polished aluminum exterior fuel cover, and seat-back bars with one-piece carbon fiber.

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