Bugatti will produce 40 pieces from the Divo model, which he has developed in honor of his 110th year to celebrate next year.

The Divo model, developed by Bugatti in the new design language and introduced in California, is named after former racer Albert Divo.  Thanks to the large air intakes of the vehicle, the air ducts and spoilers extending from the front to the back, the grip is improved by better pressing on the ground. It also allows the parts to cool down, especially the brake and cooling system.

The air line in the roof controls the air flow. Divo, which has LED headlights and stops, is said to be faster than Chiron, which uses the same infrastructure in curves. The Divo, which is 35 kg lighter than Chiron, features carbon fiber parts. The 8.0 liter W16 4-turbocharged engine at Divo produces 1500 HP. The vehicle speed is limited to 380 km / h. Average fuel consumption is 22.5 lt / 100 km, while Divo's CO2 value is 516 g / km. With a 5 million Euro price tag in Europe, this vehicle will produce 40 units, all of which have already been sold. .

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