Skoda shares the drawings of the Vision RS concept, which has traces of the future hatchback model. This concept also has the vision of the new generation RS models.

With an aerodynamic design, the Vision RS has become a dynamic car with slender headlights and fluid lines. On the back of the vehicle is a diffuser and spoiler. The Vision RS has a length of 4.356 mm, a width of 1.810 mm, a range of 2.650 mm and a height of only 1.431 mm.

The Vision RS, which also emphasizes the link between the brand's 117-year motorsports, also marks the future of RS performance models. The RS name, first used in 1804 RS and 200 RS rally cars in 1974, was later recognized all over the world with the success of 130 RSs. Since 2000, the RS name has been used to describe Skoda's performance models.