Lexus has introduced an extraordinary version of the super coupe that will have limited production of the LC model. The LC Yellow Edition puts even more emphasis on award-winning design with dazzling yellow color.

The yellow color of the LC to be produced will continue in the cabin of the vehicle. The yellow color theme is brought together with black door panels and is supported by leather stitching details.

At first glance, LC Yellow Edition brings together many technological features. Lexus Dynamic Handgrip, Torsion limited shift differential and four-wheel drive Variable Ratio Steering system help to achieve more agile cornering performance. Thus, the GA-L architecture with low center of gravity is subtracted to the potential maximum.

The LC Yellow Edition also makes a difference in lightness with 21-inch alloy wheels and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic tanneries and active spoilers. The rear spoilers are opening at over 80 km / h, playing an active role, and increasing the power of the LC to the ground.

The Yellow Edition will be preferred both in hybrid LC500h and petrol LC500 models. The LC Yellow Edition will be exhibited for the first time in Paris and then sold.

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