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Ferrari GTO in the value of wealth has found buyer

Tuesday, September 4, 2018
The 1962 model 250 GTO, which is one of the legendary models of Ferrari's history and produced for only 39 automobile races, found a record-breaking buyer in the auction held in the US state of California.

Ferrari's 1962 model 250 GTO, which only produced 39 for automobile racing, was sold at auction in the US state of California. The 250 GTO, which was sold by RM Sotheby's at $ 48.4 million at the auction, won the record of breaking the record with the most valuable car title sold at an auction. The previous record was $ 38.1 million, and it was again a Ferrari 250 GTO sold in 2014.

Produced 3rd 250 GTO!

The car, which finds 48.4 million dolars, attracts attention with its third Ferrari 250 GTO. At the same time, it was designed by Pininfarina with a more aerodynamic body, and in 1964 it was also one of four automobiles converted by the bodybuilder Scaglietti. Edoardo Lualdi-Gabardi, one of the first owners of this special version of the Ferrari 250 GTO, was one of the most successful names in the runway and climbing stages and reached the stage in his class at the 1962 Italian GT Championship. Gianni Bulgari, the second owner of the car, became the 1st class in the Targa Florio and the fourth in the general classification, while the third owner Corrado Ferlaino became the 5th in the overall classification with the improved car of the car after one year.

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