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Apple driverless car crash

Monday, September 3, 2018
Apple's autonomous vehicle crashed for the first time. The accident happened on August 24 in the US state of California's Sunnyvale, near the Apple headquarters, according to a report released Friday by the Motor Vehicles Division (DMV).

According to NTV, a driver hit Apple's autonomous vehicle from behind, waiting to get out of the way while driving at 25 kilometers.

Raporda did not explain who was guilty in the accident.


On the other hand, in the recent days, The Information reported that the autonomous vehicle of Alphabet, which Google also belonged to, was "too cautious" because the drivers were suddenly stopped in situations such as maneuvers where the vehicle might suddenly come out to meet the autonomous vehicles they did not know the time to stop at the cars behind.

In addition, Apple currently has 66 autonomous vehicles in traffic and oversees 111 registered drivers.

It is claimed that Apple may be trying to build its own driverless car, or it may be a driverless technology development effort that can be adapted to existing cars.
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