Having left Seat as an independent brand, the Cupra will be the coupe-crossover model of the first automobile to have the bonnet.

After making Seatra's distinctive brand of performance-producing parts Cupra, the company's first independent car was explained. The company, which stated that it will produce a crossover using the Coupe design language, announced that it would target the premium segment with its new automobiles. Among the information that will be introduced by a hot Ateca before this vehicle expected to be introduced in 2020.

Design boss Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, who explains how the Cupra continues to produce hot versions of Seat cars; "When you build a new automotive brand, you have to go through certain stages. When we give you the shot about the Cupra, you can wait for a car that is completely revealed by Cupra or you can make it progress step by step. Here we have taken the first step towards developing with Cupra Ateca. "

It is stated that a car of 100% Cupra will show its face in 2020.

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