After Leon and Ateca, SEAT carried the Digital Indicator Panel technology to Arona and Ibiza. This technology, with its personalization feature, allows the driver to easily access the desired information without distracting it.

SEAT brings the versatile and customizable Digital Indicator Panel technology to Arona and Ibiza, making clearer information about the car. Thus, since January 2018, the interactive and personalizable display accessible by drivers in Leon and Ateca models is now available in SEAT Arona.

The high-resolution digital displays also add more functionality to the automobile, allowing the driver to track functions such as analog speed and engine speed. Thanks to the Digital Indicator Panel, the driver's control over the car is further enhanced with clear and comprehensive information.

It is very easy to check the information provided by the Digital Indicator Panel. To do so, all you have to do is to display the information you need at the moment by selecting one of three different main screen images with the help of the "Screen control key" placed on the steering wheel. The 75 Hz refresh rate on the 1280 x 480 pixel screen makes it easy to read information while providing a smooth transition between information on the screen. Thus, without distancing the driver from the road, he can quickly and easily reach the desired information.

Image options

SEAT's Digital Cockpit has three main display options, Classic, Digital and Dynamic.

The classic look has customary analogue dials such as speed and engine revolutions. Two digital squares placed between them show music, phone, driving information, driving assistant systems (lane tracking assistant, blind spot detection system and front zone assistant, adaptive cruise control) and additional information about the car's current status. It is also possible to place this extra information in the middle of the dials.

The Digital View also takes advantage of the Digital Display Panel's high resolution display to include all menu information such as phone, driving information, driving assistant systems and car status.

The dynamic view mode allows for more detailed tracking of advanced driving assistant systems such as lane tracking assistant, blind spot detection system and adaptive cruise control with front zone assistant.

Driving data such as fuel consumption, distance traveled and total distance can be viewed in every aspect. The system also allows you to show the currently playing track and follow the song list without separating the driver's eye from the track.

In addition, the system automatically changes the shape of incoming calls to reflect the caller's number and the caller's name as a 'pop-up' on the screen.


Thanks to the personalization feature of the Digital Indicator Panel, anyone who is on the steering wheel can easily access the information they need. Two of the display options, Classic and Dynamic, can be set to display preferred information.

In addition, the Digital Display Panel technology has light sensors that automatically adjust the brightness level of the display, depending on the amount of light in the environment and with an algorithm.