The GT X Experimental concept, which makes up the 2024 vision of Opel and Vauxhall, is inspired by the joyful combination of minimalism and technology.

The new generation design language that Opel announced in July will have common components with its electricity plans. The brand which shares the clues about this character which is described as "the viewfinder" with great care, today stands with our first concept representing this.

The project, which was introduced with the name GT X Experimental and carries traces of Monza and GT concepts displayed in previous years, draws attention with its modernized lines. We can say that on the technical values ​​of Opel GT X Experimental, which continues in the minimal character that waked in the wings on the outside, it does not focus too much on the following stage. First details In a coupe-shaped SUV with a total length of 4.063 millimeters, The 17-inch rims set, front and rear L-shaped lighting set, interchangeable doors, panoramic sunroof, cameras in place of mirrors and a lighted Opel logo are among the first to notice. The high-resolution digital display dominates the console center of the GT X Experimental and the rear of the steering wheel, making the interior feel much more than a concept car. At this point, we can say that it is in the speaker part of the biggest point that makes a difference. The audio system designed by Opel designers for removable construction can easily be carried out on this side.

This also marks the fact that the car will work as a portable music box at the same time. With this model we expect to be first exhibited at the Paris Motor Show, we will begin to see the effects of the changes in Opel.

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