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Oil company Shell heads to electric cars

Friday, August 10, 2018
Shell, one of the largest oil companies in the world, provided Ample-rated introductory support through the investment arm. Ample can provide faster and cheaper charging of electric cars.

As the share of electric cars in automobile sector increases, we see that the direction of oil companies is turning this new sector. Shell is also one of those companies that plays an active role in researching and supporting initiatives in the field of electric cars. The company, which closed 2017 with over $ 300 billion in revenue, wants to maintain its dominant position in the oil world in the electric car sector. For this, the company is investigating how to charge lithium ion batteries, which are considered to be oil of the future, in the most efficient way.

Charging service for all electric vehicles

While the company is currently conducting research, Shell Ventures, the company's investment arm, announced that it has provided financial support for a similar initiative. According to the statement made by the company, an investment of $ 31 million was made in the name of Ample. Ample's activities are not confidential yet, but we can hear Ample's name in the coming years.

According to the documents shared by the company Ample; develops a platform that can fully charge any electric vehicle for a fraction of a minute, be economical, fast to set up, and scale easily accessible to drivers. In other words, Ample is actually aiming to take on the role of a kind of today's oil companies by providing charging services to all electric vehicles at the necessary points.

If we look at Shell's past moves, we can say that Ample's investment is not actually a surprise. The company, which started to build a charging station for electric cars at gas stations in Europe, has already offered over 30 charging points. Of course, it is important to have different types of charge outputs at the charging points, since all of the existing electric cars do not use the same charging standard at the same efficiency. The solution provided by Ample can be commissioned at this point and electric cars of different manufacturers can be charged in a single charging station.
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