The new model in the category of Renault compact SUV will bring Arkana back to life in Moscow. Although the car is still considered a concept, it is very close to its final shape.

In the statement made by Renault, it is stated that Arkana will play an important role in the global sales of the Renault group reaching 5 million by 2022 . Renault enters a brand new model of compact SUV, the most popular segment of recent years. The vehicle produced on the B0 + platform, which is the revised version of the B0 platform, will be sold in Russia, South Korea, China and Latin America in the first place, with vehicles such as Kaptur and Dacia / Renault Duster being produced.

The vehicle, which Renault is promoting at the automobile fair in Moscow, is expected to sell first in Russia in the first half of 2019. Derived from the Latin mysterious 'arcanum' word, Arkana will be the vehicle in the fifth compact SUV category after Renault's Koleos, Kaptur, Duster and Sandero Stepway models.