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Four-wheel drive Volvo's power will be on the rear wheels

Friday, August 17, 2018
With the development of a new software developed by Polestar, Volvo will increase torque distribution towards the rear wheels in four-wheel drive cars.

Optimization software developed by Volvo's new electric performance brand, Polestar, increases the amount of torque distributed to the rear wheels and the torque frequency, and provides improved steering with an increased turn. This new system, which aims to offer better control and grip on turns, makes better driving possible by increasing road holding in case of a side runaway.

Commenting on the software, Henrik Green, Senior Vice President of Volvo Cars' R & D Department; "We always fine-tune Volvo cars to enhance their driving experience, which will make driving easier and more dynamic in four-wheel drive vehicles," he said. The new rear wheel torque distribution feature adds another area of ​​optimization to the latest Polestar software development. Among the five areas available; faster gassing, faster gear shifts, optimized gear shifts, gear grips on turns and increased engine power at the same time.

Polestar AWD optimization will be available for petrol and diesel options from August 2018, except for the Volvo 90 series, 60 series and XC40 models, T6 and T8 Twin Engine versions.

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