Exterior skeleton application, which Ford has tested since last year, is now commissioned at 15 different production facilities around the world. Employees will feel less fatigue and stress thanks to the external skeleton.

Outer skeletons are usually developed to help walkers walk or to increase the mobility of soldiers, but recently some companies have been testing new skeletal models for their employees.

Ford, one of the leading car manufacturers in the US, is one of these companies. Two years ago, Ford began testing the exoskeleton named ExsoVest and now employees at 15 production plants in 7 different countries will use ExsoVest.

Will provide support for weight lifting

Recognizing the upper part of the worker's body, the EksoVest is 1.52 meters long and 1.93 meters wide. The user's support of 2.26 kg to 6.9 kg for each arm makes EksoVest easier for the weight lifting tasks that are repeated by the user repeatedly. Unlike some of the exterior skeletons we have seen before, EksoVest does not have any engine, only uses spring support

Emphasizing that fatigue and job accidents can come to fruition as a result of frequent repetitions of weight lifting movements, Ford emphasizes that employees will be able to work easier and work stress will decrease. Developed by Ekso Bionics, which designs wearable robotic equipment, EksoVest is expected to be used in Ford's other production facilities in the future.

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