Chinese electric car maker Nio plans to hit Tesla, his American counterpart, on his target board at his home.Tesla's fearful dream of US electric car maker Nio, the Chinese brand, is preparing to enter the motherland of the American company. According to Yiğitcan Yildiz from Habertürk, Nio, which was founded in 2014 and among its investors including Chinese companies such as Tencent and Baidu as well as US venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, is the biggest automobile market in the world, " Tesla warrior" .

So much so that while the technology Nio has is similar to that of Tesla, the selling price of the models it produces is much better than the American rival. For example, the price of the Chinese brand electric SUV ES8 is half cheaper than the comparable Tesla Model X. Despite this difference, Nio offers customers such features as Tesla's fast charging station and in-car artificial intelligence.

The Chinese company, which started as an initiative for the road, wants to start the US trip on the New York stock market in the first place. Targeting $ 1.8 billion in revenues from Wall Street's public offering, Nio wants to launch new continental sales after that step. As Nio continues to work with the goal of becoming a global brand, it is also remembered that there are offices in California, Munich and London as well. The marking is part of the plan to open up the New York Stock Exchange to global markets.

The Nio ES8 SUV, which was launched in June, has already reached a sales figure of 17,000 units. This figure is noteworthy that more than the total sales figure gained some brands in Turkey. Nio has a $ 7 million loss in the first half of 2018, and $ 500 million in losses.

Considering that Tesla has a turnover of only $ 2 billion annually in China, the potential of a Chinese brand that offers almost the same features as semi-finished products emerges. Moreover, the fact that Tesla's past is only 15 years old is also likely to cause no problem for Nio, the 'brand perception' which is the biggest problem that Chinese automakers have faced so far.

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