Bridgestone, the leader of the global tire industry, aims to use tireless driving technology in tire noise testing to not only test tires on perfect conditions but also to gain experience in tire development for driverless cars.

Bridgestone, the world's largest tire and rubber company, agreed with ZMP to benefit from automatic driving technology in tire noise testing. Bridgestone will benefit from ZMP's advanced robotic technology products and services to strengthen its expertise in the area of ​​tire technology and testing in the area of ​​automated driving system technologies.

Bridgestone performs a variety of tire performance tests with test drive pilots at company test centers. Together with ZMP, this development project is aimed at realizing noise testing of tires using automatic driving technology. The new generation of tires from RoboCar® MiniVan and Bridgestone will benefit from the automatic driving tool for moving vehicles using automatic driving technology in test centers.

Bridgestone and ZMP have already done successful tests on Bridgestone driving test trails using human powered automatic driving technology. With the new agreement, they will work to ensure that tire noise testing in 2019 can be carried out using SAE-Level 4, unmanned automatic driving technology.

Recently, tire noise regulations in various countries around the world, especially in Europe, Asia and Japan, aim to reduce the noise created by tires during driving. Bridgestone aims to improve the quality of its tire products by increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of the tire tests so that the automatic driving techniques can be carried out without involving the test driving pilots' skills and expertise by including them in the process of making tire noise tests. At the same time, Bridgestone plans to evaluate the knowledge and experience it will gain from this project for the development of tires to be used in driverless cars and new generation vehicles.

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