Production of aircraft motorcycle from Rolls-Royce

Developed by the former Brazilian Formula One driver, TMC Dumont succeeds in attracting all the attention due to its interesting design and sound from its aircraft engine.

In recent years, motorcycles, such as automobiles, have also undergone a major change. It is possible to say that we are used to see electric motorcycles and motorcycle models with beautiful designs. But the TMC Dumont is stunned by those custom-built bikes. Because the large, coreless wheels as well as the huge giant motor in the middle looks quite intriguing.

This interesting motorcycle, which the spectators turn around and see for a second time, takes its name from the Brazilian legend of aviation, Alberto Santos-Dumont. The name behind the project is the former Brazilian Formula One driver Tarso Marques. At the heart of TMC Dumont is a giant aircraft engine signed by Rolls-Royce.

This engine, which has been revived by removing from a distance of 60 years, produces 300 horsepower. Extremely engaging, this feature supports front and rear 36-inch belly wheels. Although everyday use seems unfit, this does not prevent TMC Dumont from attracting attention to the streets.

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