Porsche Macan's new generation appeared at the Shanghai Auto Show. The new Macan draws attention with its full connectivity, new design language and expanded hardware.

Porsche made his new Macan debut in Shanghai for the first time. This compact SUV has achieved great success since it was first introduced to the market in 2014. Now, with a big change in design features, comfort, connectivity and driving dynamics, Macan maintains Porsche's sporty flagship position in its segment. With the three-dimensional LED strip rear lights, the new Macan carries Porsche's design DNA. LED technology is offered as standard in the front headlights. The new touchscreen 11-inch Porsche Communication Management (PCM) screen is among the most striking changes made in the redesigned and repositioned air grilles and the GT sports steering car, which we are accustomed to seeing from the 911 series. PCM has access to new digital functions such as the standard online navigation system and intelligent voice command feature. The car's comfort equipment range now includes a heavy traffic assistant, ionizer and heated windshield.

Standard LED headlights

Thanks to clever changes made outside the car, the new Macan now has a more sporty and modern look than ever. Many details in the car reflect the DNA of the iconic 911 sports car and 918 Spyder models. Lighting is particularly key in the new Macan: LED technology is standard on the new Macan's headlamps. A high-quality lighting system consisting of modules with three-dimensional design can be made even better when requested: The Porsche Dynamic Headlamp System can be used to adaptively control the PDLS beam distribution. While the Macan is now getting a wider view thanks to the detailed work done on the front part, the extensive change of the rear part of the car brings the slim and elegant design lines of the previous model one step further. The three-piece LED light strip in the back, which is a three-part design, represents Porsche's other design element. The four-point design of the brake lights also reflects the brand identity.

GT sports steering wheel, ionizer and heavy traffic assistant

The connection of the new Macan 911 is reinforced by the GT sports steering wheel, which is the interior option of the car. The steering wheel has an integrated mod control and Sport Response Button is available in Macan with the option of Sports Chrono Package. Porsche extends the list of comfort options by adding a heated windshield and an ionizer to improve the indoor air quality. The new body colors "Miami Blue", "Metallic Mamba Green", "Metallic Dolomite Silver" and "Crayon" together with the new interior packages offer more personalization options than ever for Macan.

Porsche aims to increase the automotive assistant systems with this new look of Macan. The new Heavy Traffic Assistant with adaptive cruise control offers a much more comfortable and calm driving experience up to 60 km / h. The system has features such as automatic acceleration and braking,
or you can take control of the steering wheel in slow-moving traffic.

11-inch touchscreen and full connectivity

Thanks to the new Porsche Communication Management (PCM), Macan offers customers complete connectivity and numerous digital features. The new full-HD touchscreen, which has been elevated from seven inches to seven inches above Porsche's rising center console, perfectly matches the redesigned dashboard. As with the Panamera and Cayenne models, the user interface of the information and entertainment system can be customized using predefined boxes. The redesigned air vents are located beneath the center of the screen.

With the Connect Plus module, which is standard on all Macans, the car is now fully networked. This module forms the basis for digital features and services such as intelligent voice commands and real-time traffic information, which are part of the standard online navigation system. One of the most important features of this system is the state-of-the-art "Here Cloud" system, which provides density-based traffic data. It is also possible to record and analyze landings made with Macan using the new Offroad Precision Application.

Optimized chassis with new tires and rims

Thanks to its optimized chassis, the new Macan is further strengthening its sporty car position, which alone is in the compact SUV segment. The fine tuning of the car delivers a natural driving experience, and the comfort level of the car goes up without sacrificing the balanced driving dynamics. Out of the usual SUV segment, the Macan is offered with mixed tires of different widths on the rear and front axles. As with Porsche's other sports cars, this tire layout makes it possible to take full advantage of the driving dynamics of the Porsche Traction Management (PTM) system, which offers intelligent, four-wheel drive traction. The new tires, developed with enhanced performance, offer better lateral dynamics for improved driving pleasure, while 20 and 21-inch wheels allow more personalization at design angle.

More than 350 Macan deliveries from 2014 to today

Macan writes a success story on his own. Porsche continues to influence its customers since the day it entered the Hungarian market with its unique performance in every floor type, coupled with its high level of day-to-day ease of use. Since 2014, Porsche has delivered over 350 ships. With more than 100,000 deliveries made up to now, the Macan model is in great demand in the Chinese market, where the redesigned compact class SUV premiere.