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Lexus was again number one in customer satisfaction

Monday, July 30, 2018
Not only a car, but a lifestyle brand, Lexus continues to be at the forefront of service and customer satisfaction.

Lexus, which has high customer satisfaction all over the world with its services and automobiles, has once again become the leader in the detailed investigation of 10 thousand people in France.

In the study of the quality and reliability of the users, the French magazine L'Argus was partnered with Experteye, known for its expertise in the automotive sector in Europe. The Lexus brand received the first order of the evaluated quality and reliability criteria. Lexus, who led the way through the two separate areas, once again proved the quality.

Lexus continues to consistently take place at the top of world-class research. Lexus has been at the forefront of JD Power for seven consecutive years, drawing attention in Europe. Maslak showrooms in Turkey in the past year, had managed to enter the high service quality between the best Lexus dealers in Europe.

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