Honda's hot HatcBack Model Type R is camouflaged in the front and rear bumpers.
Honda's Civic Type R, which makes a ring record in front-wheel drive cars, is being made. There will be minor updates in the headlight groups and bumper designs of the vehicle displayed in camouflage clothing in Germany. The interior of the multimedia system is also expected to be updated in the Type R with no change of cabin.


The driving dynamics of the Honda Civic Type R with gear racers such as Renault Megane RS and Hyundai i30N will not change much. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine used in the make-up will also continue to carry the car, the power will increase 10 bg to 320 hp. This will be 20 bp more powerful than the Volkswagen Golf R Civic Type R; The Megane RS will deliver 30 hp and the i30N will deliver 35 hp more power.

The Honda Civic Type R with the FK8 chassis code will continue to be produced in the UK factory.

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