The features of the new Peugeot Partner Panelvan combine daily comfort with superior functionality and versatility.

The commercial vehicle, a true means of transportation, has to offer an attractive and exciting look. For this reason, the new Peugeot Partner Panelvan is dynamic and challenging. Continuing the design codes of the new Peugeot Rifter, the new Peugeot Partner Panelvan emphasizes that it is part of the current Peugeot product range. Like the other Peugeot models, the new Partner Panelvan also features a central 'Lion' logo and a front face with a vertical position front grille, displaying a powerful and dynamic look. The dynamism and strong character that starts in the front view continues along the side of the body and extends to the rear. The short engine hood, high shoulder line and short front and rear extensions further reinforce the sporty and dynamic design. The rear bumper provides optimum protection while facilitating loading.

The new Peugeot Partner Panelvan is user-friendly with dimensions that offer ease of driving in the everyday traffic jam, but also offer optimum use ergonomics. The standard version has a length of 4.40 meters and a height of 1.81 meters, depending on the version, it offers a cargo area between 3.30 m3 and 3.80 m3 and can carry 2 Euro pallets when necessary. The long version offers a cargo area of ​​3.90m3 to 4.40m3 with a height of 4.75m (+ 35cm) and a height of 2.16m. The new Peugeot Partner Panelvan meets the day-to-day transport requirements of the trade expert with a load carrying capacity of up to 650 kg. Just like in the current model of the brand, the new Peugeot Partner Panelvan rises on the proven EMP2 platform. The standard version is 10.82 meters long and the long version is 11.43 meters in diameter, providing a comfortable maneuver in tight spaces.

Six standard fixing hooks make it easy to fix the load. The 12-volt socket and 6 LED lighting units support the cargo area functionality. Thanks to the Multiflex seat system, which is available depending on the hardware version, three people can be seated at the front, while commercial users can use the entire back of the cargo area. Thanks to this seat system, the cargo area is 500 liters more and the cargo length is 3.09 meters in the standard version and 3.44 meters in the long version. By folding the middle seat backrest of the front seat row forward, a mobile office environment can be created. A variety of eyes and storage spaces in the cabin, including two glove compartments, door pockets and roof racks, including 113 liters, prevent the confusion caused by small items, while the left or right tilt feature of the backrest turning into the massive further enhances ease of use. On the top torpedo, a 15-inch computer with an integrated cable can be safely recharged in an enclosed area.

Equipped with a very ambitious and generous load carrying capacity, the new Peugeot Partner Panelvan is also equipped with a overload warning system to guarantee driving safety. The system is very simple but offers a solution that is so effective. Vehicle weight is automatically measured every time the vehicle is started. Even if the driver wishes to park the car, he can do this measurement manually from the cargo bay. When 90 percent of the maximum load carrying capacity is reached, a warning LED appears on the instrument panel along with an orange LED when the maximum carrying capacity is exceeded when a white LED is lit.


The new Peugeot Partner Panelvan attracts attention with its architect similar to the passenger car, which is handled with great care in every detail in interior design as it is in the exterior design. The central console is dominating the Peugeot i-Cockpit®, which is also used in the next generation Peugeot models. Peugeot i-Cockpit®, which meets more than 4,000,000 users today, is the first to find use in a commercial vehicle. Much more than a piece of equipment, the Peugeot i-Cockpit® offers a unique driving experience with a compact D-shaped steering wheel and an upgraded digital dashboard as standard.

An 8-inch capacitive touch screen that fills the center console while supporting driving comfort and driving safety with an upgraded digital dashboard that brings the driver's information directly to the field of vision; it transforms journeys into entertainment with comprehensive multimedia support including radio, navigation, vehicle settings and a phone. It has two USB ports, one standard Aux port, wireless smart phone charging capability other than Bluetooth® connection, Mirror Link®, Apple Carplay ™ and Android Auto ™ compliant Mirror Screen.

The system displays images from the two additional cameras, one on the front passenger side of the rear view camera and the top of the rear sliding door on the passenger side, on the center console display, making the parking and handling of the driver more secure and comfortable.

The new Peugeot Partner Panelvan comes with an extremely rich set of equipment, equivalent to the Peugeot 3008 SUV, depending on the equipment level. On the list; Adaptive Cruise Control System that also supports start & stop function with electronic hand brake, 8-stage Full Automatic Gearbox, Advanced Traffic Sign Recognition System, Active Strip Tracking System, Active Safety Brake, Trailer Traction Stability, which adapts the speed limit table to the cruise control system Control System, Intelligent Headlamp Assistant short and long headlights automatic, Blind Spot Warning System and Keyless Entry System.


The new Peugeot Partner Panelvan will be launched with proven, award-winning petrol and diesel engine options that are also used in the different product groups of the brand. Thanks to the light construction of the vehicle's architecture, each of the engine options offers a level of efficiency without sacrificing driving pleasure and has a WLTP certification that will soon be commissioned. At the gasoline front, 1.2 PureTech comes into play with two different power options. Both petrol engines, the PureTech 130ch S & S EAT8 (to be rolled out by 2019) and the manual transmission PureTech 110ch S & S, feature a gasoline particle filter to reduce emissions.

Three blueHDi engines are available for diesel users: 75 HP, 100 HP and 130 HP. Combined with the BlueHDi 75ch five-speed manual and the BlueHDi 100ch six-speed manual gearbox, the BlueHDi 130ch is powered by two different gearboxes, six-speed manual or EAT8. Diesel engines are equipped with exhaust gas purification solutions such as FAP and SCR which are activated when the engine starts and do not need any additional additives.

New Peugeot Partner Panelvan; will be sold in international markets as of November 2018 with exciting dynamic design, performance and comfort engines with rich comfort and safety equipment, different equipment levels and high efficiency levels to match the requirements of modern times.