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Audi A1 gets new nesline

Monday, July 9, 2018
The second generation of Audi's compact hatchback model A1 is getting ready for the new Audi A1 Sportback roads. With its dynamic design, the Audi A1 Sportback is an ideal companion in the urban setting. The new Audi A1 Sportback provides full connectivity to the digital world with information, entertainment and driver assist systems, while offering new accessory options and extensive personalization possibilities.

The A1 Sportback is 4,03 meters long, compared to the previous generation, with a lengthy increase of 56 millimeters in length. The car's width is almost the same as the previous generation by 1.74 meters. The altitude is only 1.41 meters. Its wide structure, short front and rear protrusions give the automobile a hard and sporty look. A wide single-frame grille and outwardly extending air ducts positioned close to the center of the car make up the distinctive front view. The three straight openings right under the hood of the caput are on the mark of the 1984 rally icon Sport quattro.

There are 10 different color options for the new A1 Sportback. The roof of this compact class car can optionally be covered with a contrasting color from the A column to the roof spoiler. The side mirrors are also available with a choice of contrasting colors on the side of the car in front of the wings and marches. Another new feature of the A1 Sportback is its modular hardware packages, providing flexibility for drivers who want to customize the car. For the first time it is possible to combine interior and exterior appearance packages as desired.

Offering a much larger interior space than the previous version, the A1 Sportback offers much more comfort for the driver and passengers on this. Despite the compact exterior and sporty roof line, the height of the ceiling and the seating area are large enough to allow adult individuals to sit comfortably in the back seat of the car. The car's luggage capacity is up by 65 liters. The luggage volume, which is 335 liters in normal use, rises to 1,090 liters when the rear seats are tilted. If the baggage is 67 centimeters above the ground, it is easy to use.

The new Audi A1 Sportback is ready for a digital future. Even in the simplest hardware package, there is a fully digital display panel with a high-resolution 10.25-inch screen and a multifunction steering wheel as standard. The Audi virtual cockpit, which is available as an option and gained new functions, collects a lot of comprehensive information directly from the driver's point of view, such as the animated navigation map and the graphics of some driver assistant systems.

The Digital Audio Broadcast frequency tuner, Audi audio system and Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System are among the features that will make your music and acoustic enthusiasm happy. The B & O sound system, which has 11 loudspeakers in total at 560 watts, uses the windscreen as a reflective surface to provide three-dimensional sound.

The driver assist systems offered by the Audi A1 Sportback make it easy to stay in the lane and park, as they help protect the compact car's follow-up distance. The standard lane departure warning helps the driver to hold the car lane while driving at a speed of up to 65 km / h. The standard speed stabilizer, on the other hand, reliably prevents the A1 Sportback from exceeding the maximum speed selected. Another feature that is standard on the car is the Audi pre sense system. The radar sensor detects other automobiles, bicycles, and other overhead spots on the passenger's car, even in foggy weather with a small range of visibility, and alerts the driver visually and audibly. The system, which prepares the car for braking when necessary, can brake in an emergency to prevent a possible collision or reduce the impact of the collision.

The new Audi A1 Sportback offers a number of systems to make parking easier. For the first time in the new model, the rear parking system has an additional rear view camera. Thanks to ultrasonic sensors located at the front, the system detects the objects in front of the car and warns the driver visually and audibly. The park assistant system parks the car in parallel with the A1 Sportback steering control. Thanks to the new version of this drive assistant, the A1 Sportback can automatically park in longitudinal spaces with multiple maneuvers when necessary. The system can also remove the car from parallel parking.

The powerful engine options of the Audi A1 Sportback always offer a pleasant ride. With 1.5 TFSI of 150 hp and 1.0 TFSI of 116 hp, it has a choice of high efficiency petrol engines. Among the standard features are turbocharging, direct injection and particle filtration.
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