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Toyota is increasing production of hydrogen-powered vehicles

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Toyota continues to invest heavily in fuel-cell vehicles with zero emissions. As soon as 3 years to 3 thousand units of annual Mirai sales to the level of Toyota, 2020 aims to go out with 30 thousand.

Toyota has opened two new major plants in Japan to prepare for this growth. Newly built structures next to the automobile plant will expand the mass production of fuel cell systems. At the same time, a new production line was set up to produce high-pressure hydrogen tanks.

The fuel cell stack generates hydrogen and oxygen, which ensures that fuel cell vehicles have zero emissions. Toyota will cut system costs by making high-grade production. At the same time, fuel cell vehicles will grow and provide greater availability for increased sales.

Toyota is moving to a completely new, state-of-the-art technology from its current production of fuel cell systems to access these facilities. This plant was built next to one of Toyota's first factories opened in 1938. The new plants will also help reduce CO2 emissions during production. This is one of the key initiatives that will contribute to Toyota's 2050 Environmental Goals.

While the construction of the new hydrogen tank production line in Shimoyama is beginning, the construction of the new fuel cell stack facility is continuing. The operations of these plants are planned to start around 2020.

Mirai sales reach 3 thousand people annually

As technology, fuel cell vehicles continue to evolve. Toyota, meanwhile, began to lead the fuel-cell sedan Mirai in the arena by offering a market at the end of 2014. Toyota Mirai's 700-unit sales in 2015, 2000 in 2016, and in 2017, rose to nearly 3 thousand. Toyota aims to increase fuel cell vehicle sales by 30,000 annually, along with the widespread use of this technology.

Toyota also transferred fuel cell technology to buses and began offering fuel-cell buses in Tokyo. Toyota also aims to sell 100 fuel-cell buses before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

By expanding its fuel cell product range, it aims to make this technology more attractive and reduce costs. Working with different suppliers and companies at the same time, Toyota is also leading the development of the hydrogen supply infrastructure.

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